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Pickleball Academy Singapore

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What is Pickleball?

Learn about Our Community

Pickleball is  a low-impact sport, providing a good aerobic workout while minimising stress and strain on joints and muscles. This is a sport for ALL age groups looking to minimise strain to their body without compromising having fun! 

Hear from our Pickleball Pioneer in our recent documentary.

Pickleball Pioneers Episode 1 (Singapore 🇸🇬)

Pickleball Pioneers Episode 1 (Singapore 🇸🇬)

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Why Pickleball?

Learn about Our Passion and what we offer


Middle-aged groups have fun with the low-impact sport

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Challenging and high skill-cap sport for youths

What we Offer

Here at PAS, there are 2 main class types we offer!

We have something for anyone of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences at Pickleball.


Regular Lessons

With private and open group lessons available, you will have the option of learning with your own group of friends,or joining an existing group of Pickleball learners!


(Corporate events/School camps) 

Want to try out the sport? Or can't commit to regular lessons? Fret not, as you have the option of joining our workshops here, with something for everyone!

We have experience designing our classes for both an indoor and outdoor setting, with different equipment (nets, indoor/outdoor balls) to adapt to any environmental conditions. This makes pickleball a sport for everyone in any weather condition!

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